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Gift Aid Declaration Form

 Download the Gift Aid Declaration Form

  1. Select one of the three sentences as appropriate.

  2. Read the bold notes concerning payment of sufficient tax.

  3. Please enter your title, Christian name(s) or first name and initial and surname.

  4. Please enter your full address including your post code.

  5. The phone number is optional but often very useful.

  6. Signing and dating the declaration is very important

  7. Please remember to notify the church if your circumstances change.



Please make sure you complete the form with all the information requested before printing and signing.

Please return the completed and signed Gift Aid Form to the church treasurer or gift aid secretary.

Please DO NOT complete a Gift Aid declaration in joint names. If a couple wish to make gifts to the church complete a declaration in each name please.



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Standing Order

 Download the Standing Order Form

If you use internet banking you can set up a standing order online using the Coign Church account details available herePlease ensure that when your donation arrives in the Coign account it is easily identifiable as coming from you, it is suggested that you enter your initials and surname

If you are completing the Standing order form off line:

  1. Please enter the name of your bank and their address

  2. Please enter the initial sum and date to be paid

  3. Please enter the subsequent amount to be paid and the day for the payment

  4. Please complete the Under reference with your initial and Surname

  5. Please complete your account details with the account number and name

  6. Sign and date the form

  7. Post the completed form to your bank.

The item on the form “under reference” needs to be completed so that when your donation arrives in the Coign account it is easily identifiable as coming from you, it is suggested that you enter your initials and surname.


Giving by Standing Order is a method encouraged by the church trustees and leaders


Giving by Standing Order gives a degree of certainty of future income thus aiding helpful forward planning.



Gifts made jointly by people living together

Joint Declarations

Spouses and people living at the same address can make a joint declaration, in effect making two or more Gift Aid declarations on the same form but please see “In Practice” below. The declaration must include the full name and address of each person. Joint payments should be split equally between the donors unless both parties tell the charity how they want their payments to be split. They should also keep this information for their own tax records.


In Practice

Please do not fill out joint declarations, but complete a declaration each. If you give using one cheque or Standing Order amount then you will need to let the gift aid secretary know what proportion each of you is giving if not 50-50.



If one party stops paying tax for any reason you will need to let the church know otherwise any gift made will continue to be split according to the proportion you have advised. This could lead to insufficient tax being paid for the amount of tax being claimed by the party concerned.


Further information can be obtained from this website


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