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The preaching series January to May 2018


05. Belong. Believe. Become. The Power of a Welcome. (download)
Jesus allowed people to belong before they believed. He was a friend to all, never feared what others would think. Yet he was always full of grace and truth. He calls us to be the same, full of truth, talking about Jesus but also full of grace not telling them how broken and messed up they are. We need to be people that will have a conversation with anyone regardless of gender, race or brokenness. The Coign church needs to be the most welcoming place in Woking. Welcome everyone.
Simon Benham, 18/02/2018
04. Belong. Believe. Belong. Revealing the Masterpiece (download)
Hearing and receiving the truths from God about who he says you are. What he says you are - His Masterpiece. As we look at who we are, to also look at who God has made others to be. To see it as our God given role to be like Jesus to reveal the masterpiece in others to others.
David Everitt, 11/02/2018
03. Belong. Believe. Become. What is a person's worth? (download)
Do we judge people people based on their external sin or do we see the God given worth in each human being, treating them with love, mercy, grace and kindness? We are a people of Grace - Belong, come as you are. We are a people of Faith, Believe, you won't stay as you are. We are a people of Identity, Become - become the person God intended you to be.
Steve Petch, 04/02/2018
02. Belong. Believe. Become. Seeing People Clearly (download)
How will you feel if someone like Mathew turns up at church or life group? This will happen. How do we ensure that we do not become like the Pharisees? How do we ensure that we are like Jesus and not the Pharisees? God loves everyone and considers everyone as a masterpiece. We need to see people how God sees them, to see the masterpiece under the mess. To do that we need to understand how lost we were, God intervened, forgave us and made us alive ... when we get that we see beyond the mess of other people.
Steve Petch, 28/01/2018
01 Belong-Believe-Become. The Desire To Belong (download)
Steve introduces our latest preaching series - Belong Believe Become. We all have a need to Belong, it is a God Given Desire. Join us!
Steve Petch, 21/01/2018
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