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The preaching series January to May 2018


14. Belong. Believe. Become. FAITH IN ACTION - Jesus & Peter walk on the water! (download)
Faith is not a passive word. Faith in Jesus leads to action. What action of faith is Jesus calling you to today - The call to FOLLOW HIM, SHARE HIM, to SACRIFICE, to GENEROSITY? What is holding you back? Do what he is calling you to do.
David Everitt, 22/04/2018
13. Belong. Believe. Become. Jesus as a friend. (download)
We all need a personnel relationship with God, so that the BIG picture means anything at all. What do you look for in a friend? What is Jesus like as a friend? He gets involved in our lives. This inspires SECURITY. He understands us. This inspires INNER PEACE. He keeps his promises to us. This inspires TRUST. He saves us. This inspires CONFIDENCE. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! What do you look for in a friend?
Steve Petch, 15/04/2018
12. Belong. Believe. Become. The Faith to Believe. (download)
What is faith? Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We need to steward it well and see it grow otherwise it will be strangled and die. Faith is believing what God says is true, is true. Growing in faith is a journey. Barriers to faith – Misunderstanding, Lack of knowledge, Cynicism, Religion, Fear, Self-Righteousness and Pride. Which ones prevent you from growing in faith? What are you in faith for? What is holding you back from growing in faith?
Steve Petch, 08/04/2018
11. Belong. Believe. Become. Resurrection Power. (download)
How Jesus turns fear and doubt into peace and faith. Jesus says, take heart because I have overcome your fears and my power as the resurrected Jesus is here for you... do you want it, do you want to receive peace? The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to you to help you overcome fear. What doubts are you harbouring that are holding you back? Jesus would say to you receive my peace. What will help you deal with your doubt …read the book of John it will do you good.
Christopher Hawes, 01/04/2018
10. Belong. Believe. Become. The King of Hearts not the Queen of Diamonds (download)
What concerns or worries do you have? How can you find peace? Are we pinning our hopes and plans on external things; which usually only result in short term peace and satisfaction; or on Jesus; whose plans for us are much, much greater than ours; and he would want us to know that there is only one way to get peace and that is through him. There is only one type of peace that lasts and that is an internal thing, that changes your heart from the inside, it is not based on circumstances.
David Everitt, 25/03/2018
09. Belong. Believe. Become. The Courage To Believe. (download)
Steve Petch, 18/03/2018
08. Belong. Believe. Become. Small People Make Big Worshippers (download)
Steve Petch, 11/03/2018
07. Belong. Believe. Become. Be the Masterpiece (download)
Dean Guy, 04/03/2018
06. Belong. Believe. Become. When Grace and Truth Collide. (download)
Steve Petch, 25/02/2018
05. Belong. Believe. Become. The Power of a Welcome. (download)
Simon Benham, 18/02/2018
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