Why I love the ChurchWHY I LOVE THE CHURCH

Steve Petch, leader of the Coign Church, will be preaching a 3 week series on Why I Love the Church. Come refreshed after the summer and expectant of all that God has for us in this season 


03. Why I Love The Church. I love Jesus, and JESUS LOVES THE CHURCH (download)
"Come as you are”. “Belong … Believe … Behave...Become". Two questions to reflect on: Are you so busy with ministry/church, that you’ve neglected your relationship with Jesus? Have unhelpful cultural pressures prevented you from being who God is calling you to be? We need to create … a COME AS YOU ARE culture a culture of GRACE
Steve Petch, 24/09/2017
02. Why I Love The Church. Loneliness and Belonging (download)
The church is a LOVING FAMILY in a world that is often lonely and God is calling us to reach out to the all of the lonely in Woking. Befriend and accept all no matter what mess they are in, make them feel welcome and that they belong. What about the lonely in the church? Be aware of people who are lonely, be self aware - when did you last make friends with someone new in church? Who will you be friendly with? Take the risk and befriend the lonely.
Steve Petch, 17/09/2017
01. Why I love the Church (download)
WE ARE FAMILY. There is no perfect church! There are no perfect people! We ALL need grace and mercy. The church is not something we attend, it’s something we belong to! “Come as you are!”. “Come as you are … you won’t stay as you are!” we can be honest about our struggles. Anyone can belong! There is no perfect church! There are no perfect people! Jesus is perfect
Steve Petch, 10/09/2017
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