Unparalleled TitleUNPARALLELED

The 2017 summer holidays Preaching series.

Through the whole of human history, Jesus is completely Unparalleled.

This series will be reveal just 6 of the ways that Jesus is Unparalleled and inspiring for all ages.


6 Unparalleled Joy
What unparalleled Joy we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ says Tony
Tony Hewatt, 27/08/2017
5 Unparalleled King
Christopher reminds what an amazing King we have!
Christopher Hawes, 20/08/2017
4 Unparalleled Love
Trust in God's love even if you cannot see it or feel it!
Ben Martin, 13/08/2017
3 Unparalleled Power
God has a great purpose for why we are here today ... we are called to stand firm, to work hard and to labour for great victory. We are called to declare God's power to many and to bring them hope
Ben Corbett, 06/08/2017
2 Unparalleled Grace
We can easily fall away from God. We can easily fall away from Jesus, but this Grace God has for us, is so magnanimous that there is nothing we have done that will separate us from God. Do not let unforgiveness, do not let disappointment separate from Gods grace. Jesus' grace is limitless and has no conditions with it, but it is an invitation. Will you accept his invitation?
Nnamdi Anyaegbunam, 30/07/2017
1 Just Unparalleled
Jesus is completely Unparalleled with anyone in history. Do you really know him? Have you truly met him? Have you truly experienced him? Do you know what it is like to live a life with him? Is your life so caught up with him, that others might describe you as a follower of Jesus.?
Nathan Silvester, 23/07/2017
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