1701 mycenae-wall dkNehemiah - Building together

During the first half of 2017 we will studying the book of Nehemiah helping us to Build Together

The series will encourage us to have a greater passion for the work that God has given us.


11 Building Together. Courageous Leadership (download)
Throw the enemy out. Give God your best - Resources: Money, Time, Talents. Direct your family to god’s ways. Purify yourself… Fresh Courage…
Malcolm Kayes, 14/05/2017
10 Building Together. Dedication and Celebration (download)
Have you been built up today, built up in your worship?
Malcolm Kayes, 23/04/2017
09 Building Together. Pay Attention. (download)
Pay Attention. Pay Attention to God's Word, especially with regards to Marriage, Sunday and Finance
Malcolm Kayes, 02/04/2017
08 Building Together. Faithless or Faithful (download)
Malcolm reminds us that, whatever we have done, God’s message to us is, he never abandons us, he never rejects us.
Malcolm Kayes, 19/03/2017
07 Building Together. Restoring Gatekeepers (download)
Are you a gatekeeper, reliable, God fearing and diligent. Determine to read God's word says Malcolm
Malcolm Kayes, 12/03/2017
06 Building Together Distractions (download)
Are you fighting against being distracted from completing the task asks David. Nehemiah certainly did!
David Maskell, 05/03/2017
05 Building Together - Justice for the Oppressed (download)
If you are oppressed from carrying out Gods calling for you there will be Justice says Malcolm
Malcolm Kayes, 26/02/2017
04 Building Together - Persevering under Pressure (download)
You will be pressured at times in your life, says Malcolm, Persevere in the work set for you!
Malcolm Kayes, 19/02/2017
03 Building Together - Preparation (download)
Malcolm speaks on how there is always preparation to be done
Malcolm Kayes, 29/01/2017
02 Building Together - Prayer (download)
James encourages us to follow Nehemiah's example and pray together in order to better build together
James Mellor, 08/01/2017
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