Go Fish vaGo Fish

During the Autumn of 2016 we have a preaching series to help equip and encourage us to Go Fish

The series will show how being a witness of Jesus is a central part of the Christian life and will discuss the range of ways to witness to others.


From Darkness into Light (download)
At our family service Malcom explains how Jesus brought light into our darkness.
Malcolm Kayes, 18/12/2016
Go Fish 6 - The One That Got Away (download)
As the series comes to a close Dub reminds us that the Gospel is 'something we have to share'
Dub Everitt, 11/12/2016
Go Fish 5 - Muddy Waters (download)
Malcolm emphasises the core message of the Gospel which we should be making clear when evangelising to people.
Malcolm Kayes, 04/12/2016
How Jesus reaches us (download)
Malcolm speaks on how Jesus reaches to us.
Malcolm Kayes, 27/11/2016
Nations Day (download)
Simon travels through the whole Bible brining the nations together.
Simon Walker, 20/11/2016
The Cross (download)
Ben shares the Gospel and through his own testimony emphasises the significance of the cross.
Ben Martin, 06/11/2016
Go Fish 4 - Fishing Buddies (download)
Steve talks about evangelising as a community 'net fishing'
Steve Petch, 30/10/2016
Go Fish 3 - Fish Guts (download)
James reminds us of the importance of Evangelism
James Mellor, 23/10/2016
I once was blind but now I see (download)
Chris talks about the amazing grace of God -I once was blind but now I see
Chris Kilby, 16/10/2016
Go Fish 2 - Why Fish? (download)
Malcolm reminds us that there is only one way to God. The Gospel isn't intuitive - it needs telling!
Malcolm Kayes, 09/10/2016
Go Fish 1 - We were all fish once (download)
David reminds us that we we all fish once - he encourages us to write a letter to the person who fished for us!
Dub Everitt, 02/10/2016
Is God Good? (download)
David, 25/09/2016
Not Excluded (download)
Dub encourages us all not to feel excluded- we too can reach out to others
Dub Everitt, 18/09/2016
Go out and Invite (download)
Chris Kilby encourages us to go out and Invite! Be bold in this and it is then in God's hands
Chris Kilby, 11/09/2016
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