iPsalms2: Meet the King!

Preaching series for Autumn 2015 looking again at the Book of Psalms and seeking Fresh inspiration from old songs.

This Jesus focused series will look at the Messianic Psalms highlighting the splendour and beauty of the aniticipated King of Kings!

 Series Preaches 
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 08 King, Priest and Judge (download)
The Prophecy of Christ the Coming King. Fulfilled by Jesus who is King over all, the High Priest together with us and the perfect Judge at the final reckoning
Malcolm Kayes, 13/12/2015
iPsalms 2: Meet the King! - 06 That's My King (download)
James carries on our series on Meet the King, reminding us of the kind of King we belong to.
James Mellor, 15/11/2015
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 05 King over All (download)
Malcolm continues our iPsalms 2 series encouraging us to be more enthusiastic in our praise and worship
Malcolm Kayes, 25/10/2015
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 04 King and Bridegroom (download)
Christopher continues our iPsalms2 preaching series considering the relationship between the Bridegroom (the King) and the Bride (the Church)
Christopher Hawes, 18/10/2015
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 03 King of Glory (download)
Nathan continues our Autumn preaching series welcoming the King of the Glory - Our Creator God, Our Saviour God and our Glory God!
Nathan Silvester, 20/09/2015
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 02 The King Crucified (download)
Psalm 22 predicts the King Crucified. Malcolm reminds us about the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us.
Malcolm Kayes, 13/09/2015
iPsalms2: Meet the King! - 01 The King Established (download)
Malcolm introduces the Autumn 2015 preaching series - iPsalms2: Meet the King - unpacking King David's claims in Psalm 2.
Malcolm Kayes, 06/09/2015
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