Pastoral Help

We want to make sure all members of the church of all ages are well cared for and nurtured.  There are three different levels of pastoral care available in our church community.


One Anothering

As a community working out our Christian faith together, we want to put into practice the many verses in the Bible about our attitude to each other.  These verses are often known as the “One Another” verses.  There is a fuller list of these available if you click here

These verses encourage us for example to:

  • Build one another up

  • Serve one another

  • Forgive one one another

  • Carry one another's burdens

So, our first level of pastoral support is our general care for each other.  This is worked out primarily in our Neighbourhood Group context, and of course through our own friendships.  As you join the church you will become part of a Neighbourhood Group, and your Group Leaders are there to provide some pastoral support as you face some of the difficulties of life.  Each group is part of a Cluster of 2 or 3 groups, and the Cluster Leader also has a pastoral responsibility for you.  The Clusters in turn are grouped together into Pastorates.  Each Pastorate Leader and his wife have a responsibility to oversee the pastoral care in their Pastorate.  To see more information about the Pastorates and the Pastorate Leaders click here

We want this support to be very accessible for you , so do please feel very free to contact your Group Leaders, your Cluster Leader or your Pastorate Leader if you want someone to talk issues through and to pray with you.

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Specialist Help

From time to time it is necessary for individuals to seek more in depth help.  David Maskell heads up our specialist help.  David has been involved in pastoral care for more than 25 years and has been on the full time staff since 2001.  He has a Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling from the Institute of Counselling and has been involved in training many people in pastoral care in the Coign Church and in other Newfrontiers Churches.  David has a team of men and women who are experienced in helping people through Prayer Counselling.  (this is simply a combination of counselling and prayer).  We set up a team of 2 people to help each person.  These are of the same sex as the person receiving help.  In some circumstances a male leader may be involved in helping a female where some more senior leadership input is required, in these circumstances there will always be a lady as part of the team.

We also run a course called Lifeshapers which is a nine week discipleship course that might be appropriate for you.  To see further details about Lifesphapers click here

If you feel that you need some extra help please email or call the church office 01483 71150. David will arrange an initial meeting to work out what help would be best in your situation, whether this is Prayer Counselling or attending the Lifeshapers course.  We always try to match the team with you so that you are able to relate to your counsellors and that they have the relevant experience to deal with the areas you need help with.


We ask only that you to let your Group Leader know that you are receiving Prayer Counselling, but we leave it you to decide whether you tell them the reason for asking for help.  The counsellors will normally maintain confidentiality, but there may be times when information may need to be passed on to the Elders and others when fellowship, security, safety and legal matters cause concern.

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Crisis Help 

There are other occasions when we need help in the context of a crisis.  This might be for example a financial crisis, a serious health issue or a serious relationship problem.  Please don’t try to deal with these difficult things on your own. The leadership at all levels across the church from elders through to group leaders would want to help you in these circumstances through prayer and practical support.  We have great resources that can be mobilised in times of a crisis so let us know so that we can mobilise and coordinate appropriate support for you.    

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