Fan Into Flame

The Bible tells us that ‘God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well’ (Romans 12:6 LB) and the Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to ‘fan into flame the gift of God which is in you’ (2 Timothy 1:6).

Putting our gifts and skills to use not only builds and strengthens the church and helps others, but it also brings personal fulfilment as we work out God’s plan for our lives.

This course gives an introduction to the wide variety of ways people are gifted by God. It also provides personal help in discovering the unique way in which God has gifted you and the way in which those gifts can be used in the Coign Church and more widely.

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Topics covered on the course include:

  • Skills, Passions (i.e. what stirs you in serving God?) and Gifts

  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Evident and Latent gifts

  • Identifying your gifts

  • Using your gifts in the church and beyond

For the church to function effectively, every member of the church needs to play his or her part. In order to do this, God gives each of us gifts to be used to build up, encourage and benefit the church as a whole and to reach our community. So each of us has a vital contribution to make!

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