About Membership 

If you have been part of us here at the Coign Church for a while, why don’t you consider becoming a member of the church family here?

The Bible knows nothing of solitary Christianity, but assumes that all Christians will be actively committed to a local church.

We run the About Membership Course to allow you to discover more about the Coign Church, our history, our core values, how we operate, and so on. You also get to meet some of the senior leaders here.
We believe it is important for a Christian to belong to a local church and this course will help you decide if it is the Coign or another Church where you should commit and play your part. 

The next About Membership Course will be in the New Year! Watch this space for more details


For more information, enquire at: welcome@coign.org or call the office on 01483 714150, or sign up for the next course below.
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