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Preaching series from September through to December 2014 looking further at the encouragement Paul gives to Timothy in his second letter in our series 'Pass it on!'

 Pass it on ! 
Pass it on! - 12 Don't be like Demas (download)
Adrian encourages us Not to be like Demas - Keep on until the end and do not become a deserter!
Adrian Birks, 14/10/2014
Pass it on! - 11 Finishing strong (download)
Malcolm takes us to our Departure Lounge
Malcolm Kayes, 07/12/2014
Pass it on! - 10 Keep your head (download)
Nathan encourages us to preach, persist and put into practise the good news!
Nathan Silvester, 16/11/2014
Pass it on! - 09 Get Equipped (download)
Are you equipped and ready to pass it on asks Ben
Ben Martin, 09/11/2014
Pass it on! - 08 Anticipate Terrible Times (download)
There will be some unpleasant times in your life - Be prepared with God by your side says Adrian
Adrian Birks, 02/11/2014
Pass it on! - 07 Pursue Righteousness (download)
James helps us to come to our senses and give up those bad habits in the knowledge that Jesus came into the world to save sinners
James Mellor, 26/10/2014
Pass it on! - 06 Go to the Nations (download)
Adrian encourages us to get involved in God's Mission and go to the Nations whether that is Globally or Locally!
Adrian Birks, 12/10/2014
Pass it on! - 05 Do your best (download)
Malcolm encourages us all to "Do your best to present yourself in the best light"
Malcolm Kayes, 05/10/2014
Pass it on! - 04 Endure, Serve, Compete and Work hard (download)
Adrian reminds us what we need to do to follow Jesus!
Adrian Birks, 28/09/2014
Pass it on! - 03 Pass it on (download)
Don't keep the good news to yourself. It is your responsibility to pass it on, Adrian reminds us
Adrian Birks, 21/09/2014
Pass it on! - 02 Don't be ashamed (download)
Malcolm encourages us to not be ashamed when we talk to others about what we believe as Christians.
Malcolm Kayes, 14/09/2014
Pass it on! - 01 Fan into Flame (download)
Malcolm introduces the Autumn 2014 Preaching Series 'Pass it on!'. How Paul encourages Timothy and passes on the baton.
Malcolm Kayes, 07/09/2014
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