Woking Money Advice Centre 

The Vision

To deliver a community wide service that meets people’s real, practical financial needs and promotes an understanding of money.

The Aims/Objectives

The Money Advice Centre will have a wide reach into the community by providing and delivering the resources to support:

  1. Teaching - To make the connection between money and good stewardship, habits and lifestyle choices.

  2. Education - To encourage and promote a distinctive approach to all aspects of money management: savings and spending, borrowing (the use of credit) and financial planning.

  3. Debt freedom - To provide a ‘handholding’ service giving individuals a pathway to recovery from over-indebtedness

Our core belief is that a disciplined approach to money eliminates financial anxiety which is prevalent in today’s society.

Research shows that a dysfunctional attitude toward money and possessions will often result in social and health problems such as; relationship breakdown; addictions; poor mental health; depression; and in extreme cases suicide.