Debt Advice

If you have debts it may feel like an impossible situation and may even be affecting your world view, relationships and even your health; however there is help and hope.

Woking Money Advice Centre offers assistance completely free of charge.

There may however be fees payable to courts and the Official Receiver if it is necessary to involve either. On occasions we may even be able, through grant making organisations, to assist with some of these fees.

On a one to one basis, usually in your own home if you live within the area we cover, we will prepare, with your help, a financial statement listing your income, reasonable expenditure, priority and non-priority debts, noting any assets you may have.

We will then decide with you how best to proceed. The options that we will help you with are:

The road to debt freedom may seem daunting and unachievable but with our help and guidance this is possible.

Our volunteer advisors are trained to a recognised generalist debt advisor level by Community Money Advice.

In addition at the Money Advice Centre we have access to specialist advice and knowledge thereby enabling us to advise you in all areas of debt management and to provide you with the most logical step in guiding you out of debt.

If you are concerned about your debts then contact us to today to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your situation.

Our services are free; however there may be fees payable to the courts or the Official Receiver dependant on the course of action taken.