1405 Servant Community v2

Preaching series from May through to July 2014 considering further one of the Coign's key visions to 'Meet Peoples Real Needs' entitled 'A Servant Community'

 A Servant Community 
A servant Community 11 - No favouritism (download)
A servant Community 11 - No favouritism Last in the series
Malcolm Kayes, 20/07/2014
A Servant Community 07 - Macedonian Generosity (download)
Adrian talks us through 6 marks of being a healthy giver.
Adrian Birks, 13/07/2014
A Servant Community 06 - Dorcus, Doing Good (download)
Malcolm continues our series 'a servant community'. He encourages us to help the poor with whatever skill you have.
Malcolm Kayes, 06/07/2014
A Servant Community 05 - Good News to the Poor (download)
Malcolm talks about sharing the Gospel to both the rich and poor and he challenges us not to be prejudice to anyone.
Malcolm Kayes, 29/06/2014
A Servant Community 04 - Invite the Poor (download)
Adrian encourages us to invite the poor, they might not be able to repay us but we will be repaid in heaven.
Adrian Birks, 22/06/2014
Walking with the wounded (download)
Our guest speaker from 'East to West' encourages us to walk with those who are struggling even if your not sorted yourself
Andy Burns, 08/06/2014
Jubilee+ (download)
Martin shares about his work with Jubilee+ to support Social Action, Social Justice and Social Enterprise!
Martin Charlesworth, 01/06/2014
A Servant Community 02 - You did it for me (download)
Adrian explores Jesus' parable of the sheep & goats and our attitude towards the poor among us.
Adrian Birks, 18/05/2014
A Servant Community 01 - Remember the Poor (download)
Adrian introduces our Preaching series ' A Servant Community' reminding us all to Remember the Poor
Adrian Birks, 11/05/2014
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