Which word best describes your current financial situation?







At Woking Money Advice Centre we are committed to helping you stay in control of your money, avoid money worries, and find financial freedom.


The 12 step challenge

Answer Yes/No to the following
  1. Do you allocate time on a regular basis to review your finances?

  2. Have you set yourself financial goals for the next 12 months?

  3. Do you have money set aside for large purchases or emergencies?

  4. Do you talk to your partner about your finances?

  5. Have you a budget?

  6. Do you think cash when spending?

  7. Are you aware of the pressures you will face in relation to future financial decisions? 

  8. Do you spend less than you earn?

  9. Do you pay bills on time?

  10. Do you research alternate providers before committing to spend?

  11. Do you expect the unexpected?

  12. Are you able to make on time payments to your creditors?

If your answer is NO to any of the questions then you may need some help

Whatever describes your current financial situation help is available; from do it yourself guides to support from one of our trained advisers

We aim to meet your needs with practical financial guidance that will allow you to not only gain control of your money but will give you the freedom to manage your money in a less challenging, stressful or desperate way.