Preaching series for Autumn 2013 considering the Book of Psalms and seeking Fresh inspiration from old songs.

 Series Preaches 
iPsalms 11 - Don’t forget your benefits! (download)
In the final sermon of our iPsalms series, Malcolm reminds us of God’s great mercy.
Malcolm Kayes, 01/12/2013
iPsalms 10 - Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord (download)
James talks about biblical praise and worship. He also challenges us about the state of our heart, is it hard or soft?
James Mellor, 24/11/2013
iPsalms 09 - Desert Warfare (download)
Malcolm talks about how we should cling to God and put him first in all situations even when we are in a desert place.
Malcolm Kayes, 17/11/2013
iPsalms 08 - God is our hiding place (download)
Adrian talks about how we need to put our trust solely on God, as he is the only one who satisfies us.
Adrian Birks, 10/11/2013
iPsalms 07 - Great lessons from an adulterous and murdering sinner (download)
Malcolm speaks about David seeking forgiveness.... and more!
Malcolm Kayes, 03/11/2013
iPsalms 06 - God is our refuge (download)
James reminds us the God is our refuge throughout all the storms we may encounter in our lives
James Mellor, 27/10/2013
iPsalms 05 - I don’t know what’s going on! (download)
Malcolm reminds us to trust God through difficult times and acknowledge our ignorance of what God is doing.
Malcolm Kayes, 20/10/2013
iPsalms 04 - From despair to delight - the scandal of God's grace (download)
Malcolm speaks about David sinning and how we personally can trust in God's grace.
Malcolm Kayes, 13/10/2013
iPsalms 03 - How long will you hide your face from me? (download)
Adrian talks about how we should be impatient in prayer but patient in suffering and God's timing
Adrian Birks, 29/09/2013
iPsalms 02 - Don't forget the hopeless (download)
Graham reminds us not to forget the hopeless - we each have questions, and make observations which all help to build firm foundations.
Graham Allen, 22/09/2013
iPsalms 01 - I Delight in your Law (download)
Malcolm introduces the Autumn 2013 preaching series looking at Psalms seeking Fresh inspiration from old songs!
Malcolm Kayes, 08/09/2013
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