Miracles in your Desert

Preaching series for the 2013 summer holiday season studying the book of Exodus.

 Series Preaches 
Miracles in Your Desert 06 - Look and Live (download)
Andy reminds us that God is eager to respond to our prayers but he doesn't think the same way as you and I.
Andy Hounsell, 01/09/2013
Miracles in Your Desert 05 - Water for All (download)
Are you in a wilderness? Graham reminds us that where ever you are there is Water for All!
Graham Allen, 25/08/2013
Miracles in Your Desert 04 - Breakfast! (download)
Ben invites you to join us for breakfast and celebrate!
Ben Martin, 18/08/2013
Miracles in Your Desert 03 - From Bitter to Sweet (download)
Your life will have its highs and lows and God will be with you always says Malcolm
Malcolm Kayes, 11/08/2013
Miracles in Your Desert 02 - Escape! (download)
You may escape from your desert, and there may be numerous escapes, but your enemy will live on - Be prepared! warns Adrian (Video available)
Adrian Birks, 04/08/2013
Miracles in Your Desert 01 - Gods Sat Nav (download)
God does provide a SatNav for our lives but, as Christopher reminds us, you do have to switch on and listen. (Video available)
Christopher Hawes, 28/07/2013
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