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Preaching series for the Summer of 2013 looking at the Gospel of Matthew.

 Series Preaches 
Kingdom Come 12 - Greater than Jonah and Soloman (download)
Adrian reminds us to expect resistance but we have support that is greater than Jonah and Soloman!
Adrian Birks, 21/07/2013
Kingdom Come 11 - Kingdom Conflict (download)
Malcolm speaks about experiencing inevitable conflict as we advance the Kingdom, but don’t give way to compromise or passivity.
Malcolm Kayes, 14/07/2013
Kingdom Come 10 - Greater than the Temple (download)
Adrian reminds us Jesus wants us to follow him with our Heart - not just out of duty
Adrian Birks, 07/07/2013
Kingdom Come 09 - Evidence of the Kingdom (download)
Matthew 11:4-5 ‘Go back and report to John what you hear and see: the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.’
Malcolm Kayes, 30/06/2013
Kingdom Come 08 - Compassion & Commission (download)
Malcolm Kayes spoke about the Kingdom of heaven being near and asked how we are serving to bring the harvest in. What difference are we making to the community we have contact with?
Malcolm Kayes, 23/06/2013
Kingdom Come 07 - Eyes Open – Mouths Speak! (download)
Graham Allen tells how God’s Kingdom Authority impacts our lives as a Church, and as individuals.
Graham Allen, 16/06/2013
Kingdom Come 06 - Raising the Dead (download)
Graham recalls the story of Jairus' daughter being raised from the dead and how this applies to us today
Graham Allen, 09/06/2013
Kingdom Come 05 - Calling Sinners to a New Life (download)
Adrian challenges us: Are we like the Pharisees - exclusive, cliquey, unconnected - or are we helping to seek the lost and share the good news?
Adrian Birks, 02/06/2013
Kingdom Come 04 - He Rules over the Storm (download)
Malcolm reminds us how Jesus can bring us Peace
Malcolm Kayes, 25/05/2013
Kingdom Come 03 - Commitment and Faith (download)
Adrian asks: Are you prepared to pay the cost of being in the Kingdom?
Adrian Birks, 19/05/2013
Kingdom Come 02 - Authority (download)
Malcolm reminds us, as we continue our 'Kingdom Come' series, that the Leper, the Centurion and many others recognised the Kingdoms Authority
Malcolm Kayes, 12/05/2013
Kingdom Come 01 - Pray It (download)
Pray It - Malcolm starts our Summer preaching series 'Kingdom Come' encouraging us all to pray as we have all be asked to do!
Malcolm Kayes, 05/05/2013
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