John's Blog

The thoughts, musings and commentaries of John Wardill as published in the Coign Leaders Blog which we trust you will find of interest and encouragement.

Please find listed below the complete list of articles:

The Challenge of Change
John contemplates on the Challenge of Change and what the bible teaches us to handle it well! More ...
Malcolm and Pam – Celebrating 25 Years @ The Coign
John reflects on the long service, 25 years and counting, that Malcolm and Pam have given to the Coign. More ...
Servant Queen - Setting an Example
Two things stand out about the Queen - her constant sense of duty and her devotion to God. More ...
Refugee Crisis – ‘up close and personal’
God's looking after me
HIStory or MYStory?
Knowledge is plentiful – Wisdom is scarce
Passing the Baton
He who fails to plan is planning to fail
Letter from the church in Smyrna
New Year Resolutions
In The Beginning
Make the Most of Every Opportunity
Remember and Give Thanks
How Big is your World?
Scams and Cons
Mind your Ps and Qs