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The thoughts, musings and commentaries of Malcolm Kayes as published in the Coign Leaders Blog which we trust you will find of interest and encouragement.

Please find listed below the complete list of articles:

Retired? Still young at Heart but much older in other places!
Malcolm says a big thank you!! More ...
Treasure Tots Nativity
Malcolm narrates for the Treasure Tots Nativity and recalling the chaos that ensued was more realistic version of events than those we often see! More ...
Legacy - How my Dad made me rich!
Malcolm reflects on the legacy left by his Dad More ...
Pass the Imodium! Here comes the Offering
I once was lust but now I’m found
To Trump or not to Trump?
Inspirational Life… Precious death
When trials come, be happy? Don't make me laugh!
More excited about the Gift than the Glitter?
God is not English – He is Italian!
Manliness - Being Sure And Steadfast
Freedom of Speech - Why are some liberals so intolerant?
The Government is upon whose shoulders?
Make habits – not resolutions
The Christmas Battlegrounds
Are We There Yet?
Too Many Celebrities - Not Enough Saints
The Untouchables
Hunting Dairy Cows
Each church member BELONGS to all the other church members
When are you going to grow up?
Swinging from the rafters!
Claim your benefits
How much do your feet weigh?
Woman with a Cold - Man with a Cold
Are your children being educated or entrapped online?
Do you speak Christianese too?
The Barge, The Locks, and The Coign Church
The Shepherd's Missile!
No one dreams of winning a Silver Medal!
Honour your father!
Beware the Humble Webcam!
The Church is Full of Hypocrites!
Out of your Comfort Zone
Ho! Ho! Ho! Or Bah Humbug?
Church Attendance - Take it or Leave it?
You're Hired!
Choosing the Longest Queue!
Are You Celebrating Yet?
Eunice and Owen Johns
Trip to India - February 2011