GivingHow can I Give?

The Bible shows us that God is very generous, even giving his own Son to save us and in response we are called to be generous with the resources God has entrusted to us, including our time, skills and money. One part of this privilege and obligation is the regular and generous giving of money to further the work of the local church we attend.

So, if you consider The Coign Church to be your church, please give regularly to support our work and mission using one of the following methods:

  • Giving into the offering on a Sunday
  • Setting up a Standing Order either on line or using the form below
  • Making one off donations online (account details


Finally, if you are a tax payer, please could we encourage you to complete a Gift Aid form. This allows the church, under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, to recover 25p for every £1 given without any extra cost to yourself.

For further information about principles of financial work for the work of God and assistance in maximising regular giving through gift aid follow the links below: