Love of God smLove of God 

While visiting during March and April 2016 Steve Cadd reminded us through a mini sermon series about the Love of God available or each and everyone one of us.

Love of God - Discipleship (download)
Steve Cadd preaches the last of his series on Love, challenging us on how we are called to disciple and be discipled.
Steve Cadd, 10/04/2016
Love of God - The Risen Lord (download)
Easter Day is one of Validation, Vindication, and Victory in the Risen Lord. Steve reminds us not to forget this!
Steve Cadd, 27/04/2016
Love of God - Friendship (download)
Steve asks us how strong is our friendship relationship with God! Is it constant, transparent, encouraging, honest, trusting and loyal?
Steve Cadd, 13/03/2016
Love of God - Calls us into relationship (download)
Steve remninds us that God is relational and he calls us into a relationship with him!
Steve Cadd, 28/02/2016
Love of God - Our intimate relationship (download)
Steve introduces this sort series reminding us how intimate is our relationship with God
Steve Cadd, 14/02/2016
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