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What's your Story?

If you asked members of the general public that question, ‘do you have a story?’ I would guess most would say, ‘Me!, no I’m just an ordinary person, I don’t have a story’.

Early in February 2016, at the Coign Church, we hosted a Men’s Breakfast; As well as enjoying a superb breakfast, we also heard the stories of three men, each of whom would probably say, that they are nothing special ‘’Just ordinary blokes’’.
But each one did have a great story, about differing aspects in their lives; varying challenges of highs and lows; all three were still journeying through their stories but what was common to all of them was, each one had a story that had God at work right through the middle.
Although each of them would say that they are not that special, each of their stories were hugely inspiring and rich, which we all enjoyed.
Eugene’s story was one of God’s challenge to trust Him. He led Eugene into the creation of a construction company, when the ‘odds’ were very much against it happening. With limited experience, no money and lack of work (what a great business plan!) he told how God directed him, drew people alongside him and through many avenues has provided work even to this day.

Whats your story

Nnamdi’s story is one of loss and huge emotional challenges that came from the loss of a child. Nnamdi tells the story of this immensely difficult time that any parent would dread to experience, but consistently he explains how he and his wife Uti found God, again, right in the middle of this turmoil, bringing strength, determination and as Eugene’s story, placed good people to stand with them, allowing them to get through this tragedy, and now being able to tell the story to others.

Alan’s story was one of healing and restoration having been diagnosed with Cancer and Kidney failure. Alan tells of how God sustained him through the aggressive cancer treatment. When asked by the nursing staff, ‘’What side effects have you suffered due to the treatment?’’ He was able to say that he had not one side effect. Alan told us that there is now no sign of any cancer in his body and that his kidneys are functioning perfectly.
Three stories, from ‘ordinary men’. Eugene’s story of God’s direction. Nnamdi’s story of finding God in a place of great loss and Alan’s story of God’s restoration. Each of these men have put their hope in the living God, trusting him with every part of their lives.
What is your story? You do have one.
If you read this and you believe in God, carefully consider your own story. Has God been at work through the centre of your life like the words through a stick of rock?
If this is you, why not write it down or even tell your story to someone.
If you do not know God right now – consider what your story could be like, if you were to trust in the same God that Eugene, Nnamdi and Alan have trusted in.

Dean Guy, 16/03/2016