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Alive Worship Night


The next ALIVE worship night is Sunday 8th October 2017 at The Coign

Sarah Hawes gives us a review of a recent ALIVE Worship Night, a night which saw 100 of our 20s & 30s gather to worship & be inspired together.

What a pleasure and a blessing to be a part of the body in a multigenerational church!, says Sarah

I know that equipping and keeping 20s and 30s within the church has been one of the Coign's official prayer points for a few years now. However, most people would appreciate how much of a transitional and busy time this phase of life can be. 
The vision for the 20s 30s Worship Night, later called ALIVE, I think had been on many individuals' hearts for a while, so when Dub and his team arranged an evening, people I spoke to were very excited. For those of us with children, it's great to worship alongside them on a Sunday morning, and then you'll notice the exodus as we 'pop' out to the kid's work; so the opportunity to have an evening without distractions and to allow us to wait on God; be fed by Malcolm and get to know each other was amazing. It's sometimes difficult as parents of young children to socialise a great deal with other members of the church outside of toddler groups, so this was great too. Likewise, even without children, when you are juggling stressful and often long work hours, serving within the church, neighbourhood groups and any hobbies, it is often difficult to find time or be proactive enough to socialise and meet new people within this age group, outside of your immediate friends. 
Knowing that the church are encouraging and equipping the younger adults to step up alongside Ministry Leaders is exciting, but I think we are needing a lot of prodding and poking in the right direction too. So this was a great opportunity to wait on God but also heed Malcolm's word of you need to be ALIVE, not just lively, not just looking like a charismatic, but needing to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be active and hungry to do more and be more for God.
IMG9477sThere were also many words that were brought on the evening - being like a child in faith and joy and hope and expectation and energy, but like mature adults when it comes to the Bible; eating meat and wanting the real deal with the Holy Spirit and everything that comes with that. The gifts are for building up the church and so obviously it was stuff that is important whatever age bracket you happen to fall in to.
We managed to bring the event together in a few weeks and it was great getting a team of people to help decorate the building and provide refreshments on the night. People were already stepping up to serve and it was a real mixture of people from across the age range too. 
Everything that was said during times of preparation, at the prayer meetings and during the night itself were beautifully interlinked, even the name of the event ALIVE. We are super excited about the next evening and hearing what God wants from us individually and as a church.