The Money Course 

The Money Course is designed to help individuals explore their personal relationship with money and take control of their individual or household finances.

Why do the Money Course?

  • Explore your relationship with, and attitudes towards, money

  • Get advice on budgeting and managing money, regardless of your financial circumstances

  • Regain control over finances where things have got into a muddle

  • Get support if you are worried about, or struggling with, your financial situation

The course is offered to church groups or other groups free of charge.
There will be trained budget advisors on hand to help individuals though the course. The course in non intrusive and there is no need to disclose any personal details.

If you are a member of a church group or other organisation that you think would benefit from doing a course then please do contact us and we will help you set times, dates and a location when we can run the course for you.

The course covers the following:

  • Checking our attitude to money

  • Setting a budget

  • Taking Control

  • Getting organised

  • Managing credit

  • Balancing and managing a budget

  • Starting a new life in control

  • Staying in control.