Activity Groups

Choices for Activities:



Art | Contact: John Walden & David Leech

For those who might be interested in a painting activity I have arranged for the hall to be available for us every Thursday afternoon from 1.00pm. This will be a time for fun, finding out and experimenting together. Bring your own materials (paints, paper etc). Why not try it out and maybe bring a friend?  An important part of this group is the chat and refreshments!


Bible Study | Contact: John Banks
This is a devotional study, a chance for everyone to participate and share what they have learned from a Bible passage. Hopefully people will be able to share their testimonies and be able to encourage one another. Please contact John for more details.


Birdwatching | Contact: Anita Lyttle

This is our newest group activity for those of you interested in our wild feathered friends. This group meets both in different locations and at different times depending on the variety of bird they are hoping to see. Some meetings are in the evenings.


Card Making | Contact: Chris Leech
Learn how to make birthday and Christmas cards, or perhaps decorations for a Christmas tree. Be creative to your heart's content while enjoying great times of fellowship. Contact Chris for more details.


Coffee & Conversation | Contact: Fran Surman
This is very relaxed; a group of people who get together over morning coffee to chat about all kinds of things. Everyone has their chance to share their opinions - it's even a chance to learn from others. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.


Films | Contact: David & Chris Leech
A good opportunity to meet together and see the new film releases. We will go on a Wednesday every so often so please get in touch if you would like to know more.



Games/Quizzes | Contact: Hazel Pearce
Enjoy a sociable afternoon playing a variety of board games with a group of like-minded people. We expect to meet once a month in a home for a friendly, non-competitive couple of hours. Every so often there will be a quiz night at The Coign.



Garden Group | Contact: Fran Surman & Gill Doloughan

First monday of the month at individual homes with occassional trips to national gardens and 'how to' hints shared and questions answered - one of our most popular groups!



Golf | Contact: 
We would like to get together with all Golfers and arrange regular games as required. We play every Wednesday. We would also like to arrange quarterly simple competitions. These events are an opportunity to get to know each other more and invite our friends to join us.


Knit and Knatter  | Contact: June Wellburn
Run by June Wellburn at her home. See diary for day and time. Do bring along anything you may be working on from knitting, sewing, embroidery, or tapestry to lace making, cross stitch and quilt making.


Music and Chat | Contact: Ray & Heather Smith
The main aim of the group is to enjoy music together, mainly classical, to form friendships and extend a welcome to others in this age group. We hope that group members will take an active part by bringing their own musical contributions and saying why they like it. If your music is still in LP format, we can still play it. Perhaps you would even like to perform on an instrument. Contact Ray or Heather for the next meeting date.



Photography | Contact: Doreen Mellor

Whether you are experienced or new to the realm of photography, if you like taking photos then join with us.



Skittles | Contact: Tim Woodbridge

We will be setting up a travelling skittle alley at The Coign during the afternoon. Why not come along with your friends and enjoy the fun. It's much better than 10-pin bowling! We normally meet every third Thursday of the month.



Theatre | Contact: Malcolm Surman
This is an opportunity to see those plays that are available locally. We will go to the theatre once every month or so.