Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

10 Building Together. Dedication and Celebration (download)
Have you been built up today, built up in your worship?
Malcolm Kayes, 23/04/2017
What the risen Jesus Offers - Peace, Joy, Purpose and Power (download)
Jesus, who was once dead and is now alive, comes before us today and says You need Peace? I have it, I can give you Peace. Have you lost your Joy? I can give you Joy, you can be an overcomer with Joy. Have you lost Purpose in your life, just drifting? I can bring Purpose to your life. To do those things you need my Power, receive my Power.
Malcolm Kayes, 16/04/2017
Do you have disappointments? (download)
Bring those disappointments to God, not as complaints, but as prayers of Worship.
Dean Guy, 09/04/2017
09 Building Together. Pay Attention. (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 02/04/2017
Pray with Shameless Audacity (download)
David Everitt, 26/03/2017
08 Building Together. Faithless or Faithful (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 19/03/2017


1701 mycenae-wall dk
Nehemiah -
Building together
Go Fish va
Go Fish
Faster, Higher, Stronger
160103 YouthPraying41b

When you Pray..
Love of God sm
Love of God
1508 Meet the King 2
iPsalms2 - Meet the King
All together now
All Together Now
Pass it on sm

Pass it On

1401 The Good Fight image-text

The Good Fight

iPsalms outreach v1 med

Miracles in your Desert

Money Sex and Power

Money, Sex and Power