Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues we were unable to upload the sermon given on Sunday 25th June. Entitled 'The Holy Spirit'. David Maskell. 

You'll never walk alone. (download)
This morning is about looking forward. Looking at the journey ahead. We are not on our own, we are not paddling our own canoe , we are part of a family called Commission, but More importantly than that Christ promises to be with his church to the very end.
Guy Miller, 15/10/2017
01. A Future and A Hope. A Future Hope. (download)
God’s promises are our security in times and change and challenge: Our world is changing; Our church will change; Our lives change. We have a promise making, promise keeping God. Our church is in his hands. Our lives are in his hands. He will bless us and care for us.
Steve Petch, 01/10/2017
03. Why I Love The Church. I love Jesus, and JESUS LOVES THE CHURCH (download)
"Come as you are”. “Belong … Believe … Behave...Become". Two questions to reflect on: Are you so busy with ministry/church, that you’ve neglected your relationship with Jesus? Have unhelpful cultural pressures prevented you from being who God is calling you to be? We need to create … a COME AS YOU ARE culture a culture of GRACE
Steve Petch, 24/09/2017
02. Why I Love The Church. Loneliness and Belonging (download)
Steve Petch, 17/09/2017
01. Why I love the Church (download)
Steve Petch, 10/09/2017
Push On Plus Saying Hi (download)
Dean Guy Plus Steve Petch, 03/09/2017


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Why I Love the Church
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