Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

08 Building Together. Faithless or Faithful (download)
God’s message to us is, he never abandons us, never rejects us. Whatever we have done. Whatever we have become. Whatever our feelings are. It doesn’t matter. God is a God of covenant love of grace and mercy .... you might need to turn around and turn back to God and to know his mercy.
Malcolm Kayes, 19/03/2017
07 Building Together. Restoring Gatekeepers, Restoring God's Word and Restoring Great Joy (download)
Restoring Gatekeepers. Are you a gatekeeper, reliable, God fearing and dilegent. Not compromising and casual. Restoring God's Word. We all need a desire for God's word. Reading the Bible will do you good. Determine to read God's word. Restoring Great Joy. Christianity is joyful no matter what circumstances you are going through. God's grace will be your strength.
Malcolm Kayes, 12/03/2017
06 Building Together Distractions (download)
Are you fighting against being distracted from completing the task asks David. Nehemiah certainly did!
David Maskell, 05/03/2017
05 Building Together - Justice for the Oppressed (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 26/02/2017
04 Building Together - Persevering under Pressure (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 19/02/2017
The Hardest Test (download)
Nathan Silvester, 12/02/2017


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Nehemiah -
Building together
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Go Fish
Faster, Higher, Stronger
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When you Pray..
Love of God sm
Love of God
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iPsalms2 - Meet the King
All together now
All Together Now
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Pass it On

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The Good Fight

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Miracles in your Desert

Money Sex and Power

Money, Sex and Power