Coign Youth 

DSC2705Welcome to the page of the Coign Youth. The Coign Youth team is led by Nathan Silvester and is run for 12-18 year olds (those in school years 8-13). Anyone is welcome to our events and we love having new people join us. We’re a mixed group of young people and so whatever your interests are, there’s more than likely someone else at Coign Youth who’s in to it too.
We are amazed by the love and goodness of God and so as a team we’re keen to share that love with teenagers from Woking. We will openly talk about Jesus, as we believe he’s the only way to know relationship with God, but we'd love to meet you even if you don't share that belief.

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Youth Events
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Variety of Youth Events

Friday 29 September
7:30pmCoign Youth - Games Night @ The Coign
Wednesday 4 October
7:00pmCoign Youth - Wednesday @ The Coign
Wednesday 18 October
7:00pmCoign Youth - Wednesday @ The Coign
Wednesday 8 November
7:00pmCoign Youth - Wednesday @ Coign Building

If you’d like regular text updates of events please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nathan at the following:

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