Youth Events

We run a variety of different events throughout the year. For more details about the events please read below.

Youth  Alpha - 7:30-9:30pm @ The Coign 

Every Wednesday from 5th October to 7th December - Youth Apha. Includes a meal, competitions and provides the answer to the big questions of life!

One Way - 7-9:15pm @ The Coign 

This is a time where the whole youth meets together, with a time to socialise with friends and meet new people. We then have a time to worship God and to learn from the bible.
This term we are doing a series on 'Follow Me'. This is where we will be looking at the 10 commandments and looking how do these apply to us today? Are these laws for us to follow or are they guidelines? Where does grace fit in? All these questions will be answered over the coming weeks.

Connect Groups - Various times and locations

This is a time for the youth to meet in smaller groups usually at a leaders house. This is a great time to build friendships and to go deeper in to Gods word.
If you are new or are not yet in a connect group please contact Nathan so he can help you join one!


We run a variety of events throughout the year to encourage the youth to invite their friends along. It's also a great time for friendships to develop with those already in the youth.

Summer Camps


Newday is a camp where over 6,000 other teenagers gather to have a time of fun, laughter, worshipping God and hearing some incredible teaching. These are guaranteed to build your faith and to equip you for everyday life. For more information visit


A camp over the bank holiday weekend where people of all ages gather to have a time of fellowship, but to also hear some great teaching. The youth meetings are full of games, worship and a talk. Also throughout the day there is a youth only area where you can chill out, play on the playstation etc. Last year the evening events included a film night and a silent disco. An event not to be missed! For more information visit

 Youth Events 
Coign Fireworks
5:30pm Saturday 4 November, Pryford Cricket Club
Plus hot soup, BBQ, sweets and sparklers for the children
Carol Service
6:30pm Sunday 17 December, HG Wells
Come and join us as we celebrate the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ / Stay on afterwards to join us for mince pies and warmed punch
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